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    Migraine w/aura and speech difficulty while pregnant
    An_252979 posted:
    I have had a few migraines in my life, pretty few and far apart, maybe 1 or 2 a year for the last several years. I am now 32. I have never had any visual disturbances or other symptoms besides the headache, light sensitivity, and some nausea.

    I am now 15 weeks pregnant, and over the last week I have had three. Sunday and Tuesday I had them beginning w/auras which I have never experienced. I had a shimmery blurry spot the got bigger over about 1/2 hour until it filled my whole view. The migraine headache came after. I work for an eye doctor, and had one of the docs take a look on Tuesday. He said it was a migraine symptom, and to let my OB know. I called her and she called in a script for Fioricet which helped w/the headache part.

    Today I had the aura start again, the headache came about a half an hour or so later, but today I couldn't speak clearly for about 5 or 10 minutes. I was trying to talk to my mother-in-law-ish (who's house I was at) and couldn't come up with the words, and was getting really confused. I continued to talk, but the words were just coming out wrong, and I was so confused. I asked after the fact if I actually did make sense, and she said I was just talking gibberish. I will be calling my OB again in the morning, but this whole thing has me a little uneasy.

    I also tried texting my boyfriend/life partner to let him know what was going on and had a lot of difficulty. I would type a word and the read it, and it wouldn't be the word I was trying to type, and it was also spelled wrong. I kept trying to correct the text, so it took me a very long time, particularly since I was having a lot of difficulty seeing clearly. (mom-in-law-ish ended up calling him for me)

    Again, I have had migraines pre-pregnancy, but never with this speech or visual disturbance problem, and now 3 in one week is making me nervous. Should I be? What could this be? Is it really a normal symptom mixed in with all of the other weird but normal "symptoms" of pregnancy? Thank you for any advice.
    Penelopepickle responded:
    Sorry but this is the worst support group ever.. I would say basilar. I have them and hemiplegic.. It's all confusing because I can have both. I get slurred speech, paralysis half of my body, glassy eyes, become not very there. I think I've had a seizure. I don't feel pain so when they told me what I had I was telling I never had headaches. Sometimes I get pressure in the back of my head and neck. I think that is the basilar. Go to the er immediately next time you have it. Hormones, periods bring it on. Since you being pregnant you are having a change of hormones. Let me know how you are. I am writing this during an episode. Good luck
    rosielou responded:

    Sorry nobody responded quickly. This board isn't very lively these days, going through a quiet spell. I'll give it a shot, had many migraines when I was pregnant, but honestly nothing like what you've described.

    Migraines during pregnancy are a really complex topic. I think you'd be best asking your OB for a referral to a neurologist who knows about treating headaches during pregnancy. Get into the neuro appointment fast, not in a month. Maybe ask your OB if an ER visit is appropriate if you get another headache before you see the neurologist.

    You have some wild things going on there, and frightening I'm sure, but they might not mean that anything damaging is happening. Try not to worry too much, chances are good that things are fine.

    Just get a little organized with your questions/symptoms for your OB and the neuro. Maybe write it all down before you phone or go in, how about bringing someone with you to the appointment?

    Please remember that you are not the first pregnant lady with migraines, they're ready for your questions and they know how to take care of you.

    If you have the chance, let us know how it goes. And if it's a Boy or Girl!

    An_252979 replied to rosielou's response:
    I have a neurology appointment scheduled for September 3rd. My OB thought that it was just a migraine, and nothing to really worry about, but still unfortunate to deal with. I am now taking a baby Asprin and Zoloft every day. She said that neurologist are now prescribing this to stop migraines from happening in the first place. She discuss this with the neurologist that she has me scheduled with. Hopefully it will work, and not cause any bigger problems. She said that if I continue to have a bunch of them, she will call and get me into the neurologist sooner if she can.
    rosielou replied to An_252979's response:
    That's great to hear. Things will probably go smoothly now. You have plenty to keep you busy over the next few years, so I hope this was just a small bump.

    Penelopepickle replied to An_252979's response:
    Get off Zoloft while your pregnant. It causes birth defects. I know because when I was pregnant I was on it for my son and he had an enlarged heart and club foot. Scary stuff. I often wonder if all the drugs they have given me over the years hasn't caused me brain damage. I just had another MRI this time with vascular and it showed that I had large lymph nodes in my neck and that I probably have had mini strokes. I'm still waiting for genetic testing for the hemiplegic migraines to see if it is familia or sporadic. I have a cane now to use when I have a hemi and I pay for it for days. They put me of a drug that seems to have helped with having do many episodes. And ms is still on the table. Grrr!! I hope all goes well and they set your mind at ease. Regular docs don't know much about migraines. People tend to think its just a headache but there are neurological symptoms as well as I am learning and living with.

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