Coughing up small amounts of Blood and Migranes
hickcox_mama posted:
Hey there all, I need advice asap! For about 7 days now maybe even longer I've been off and on Body pains, weakness not able to eat and freezing and can't get warm. And a couple days ago I started coughing up little mounts of blood, here and there and I've had a killer Migraine for over a week now and NOTHING is working, period! I'm in so much pain, I have no insurance and I have two young babies that need me, and not sickly not been able to take care of them as well as my usual self.

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rosielou responded:
Hi Hickcox_mama,

What resources do you have for medical care for yourself? And for help with the children? You have some unusual stuff there, and I'd recommend getting checked by a doctor or another med professional. Can you get to a clinic?

I hope you find relief quickly.