An_253553 posted:
wake up frequently with horrible headaches. about 4 am.. any ideas??
ellsworth52 responded:
My migraines used to always come on at 2-3 am (for over 15 years) - I would get up, get an ice pack, and take my abortive. Whenever they came on in the middle of the night, it took about 2 hours for the meds to actually work because I was not able to 'catch' it before it was full blown.
My migraines now come on during the day - I don't know why they changed in this way. But at least if they come on during the day, I can take my meds (Zomig & Alleve) with a strong cup of coffee - which makes the meds work faster.
Are you taking an abortive? (a med that can abort the migraine as it is happening) or a preventative that you take all the time? If not, it sounds like you would benefit a trip to a neurologist. There are many options available. I am having great success with Petadolex Butterbur supplement. Good luck, Shirley