Monovision and migraines
Jkgeier256 posted:
Has anyone experienced using monovision contacts and noticing your migraines getting more severe?
allie_bf responded:
Interesting connection, I had not thought about this. I don't have monovision contacts, but I do have monovision, and my discrepancy between my eyes was getting worse at the same time that my migraines were worsening. Anyone else?
undefined responded:
Idk for sure if my monvision contact lenses are causing the problem but someone suggested it so I thought I'd check the web to see if others are experiencing a similar problem. I have NNEVER had migraines before this and I've worn the lenses quite some time b4 experiencing this. The pain is in the eye socket...just above where glasses would rest on your nose in the eye with the distance (and stronger) lens. It's a piercing pain like someone is sticking a pointy sharp object in the area. How would you describe the pain you're experiencing? Location?