disappear posted:
I have been reading some of the post about people feeling uncomfortable movement in the head. About a year ago I fell and hit my head hard on a concrete floor and ever since that day I can feel something moving in my head every time I turn my head, or with every step I take. It is a miserable, uncomfortable, painful feeling. I have problems sleeping at night because its almost impossible to get comfortable. I have never experienced anything like this before and at times I feel like someone is stabbing me inside my head with a sharp dagger. I have lots of headaches because of this and I know I need to seek medical attention and have cat scans done of my skull to see if I have serious head injury or brain damage. The only reason I haven't went to hospital is because I don't have any insurance My husband told me someone told him that it is possible my brain has been jarred loose from my skull. I was wondering if that was possible or if it is fluid or bleeding I am feeling inside my head. Has anyone ever had this kind of experience because I was wondering if there is anything that can be done for this. I am getting really concerned because it is getting worse. Anyone that can offer any information please respond
disappear responded:
I just pray this discomfort disappears and I begin to feel normal again, because I am so discouraged !!!