Can a spinal CSF leak be dangerous?
maryalice40 posted:
Migraine/neck pain when in upright position, pain goes away when laying flat, tingling/numbness in face, nausea, vomitting after standing too long, sinus pain, hurts to move eyes, liquid poured out of one side of nose, keeps coming out of eye (same side). Dr confirmed CSF leak after hearing my symptoms. Had lumbar puncture monday. Wanted to send me for blood patch but i cannot sit up in the waiting room for an hour or more in the ER, he could not write an order. Can my neurologist that ordered the lumbar puncture write the order or is my only choice through the ER? Is there any danger in this type of csf leak? I am catching a cold. My immune system is a bit weak. I have a connective tissue disorder and I don't fight off infections well. Can this heal on it's own?