Constant (but minor) headaches
seattle98119 posted:

I'm living in an older (but very clean) apartment in Seattle, and my roommate and I started experiencing odd symptoms as winter weather set in.

Both of us routinely wake-up with mild headaches, dry mouth and mild stomach pain. My sleeping pattern has been thrown off and I can't seem to stay asleep. Upon leaving Seattle, the symptoms immediately disappear for both of us.
We use HEPA air filter/de-humidifier 24/7, and had a professional firm come perform particle size,mold,mildew,humidity,all negative. I also have a carbon monoxide detector in the house which is reading normal levels.
My doctor, roommate and I are at a loss for what could be causing something like this considering the great results we received from the firm that came into sample the air in the apartment.
I have no history of any allergies, and it seems strange that I would have a reaction when it raining a lot (that's Seattle for ya!).
Any suggestions of what to consider would be very helpful since my landlord is using the results of the firm I hired as proof that nothing is wrong.. So I would love to figure this out.
Thanks for reading!
rosielou responded:
Hi Austin,

It might be raining a lot outside, but if the dehumidifier is running constantly, has the indoors turned overly dry? That's my first thought with the headache and dry mouth.

I live in a dry climate and have a similar reaction when the humidifier isn't running properly. A sure bet to trigger a migraine is turning off the humidifier when the furnace is running. I will say that when I visit family in Seattle (2-3 times a year) one of the houses there is a lot drier than mine.

Second might be to check the bedding, including pillows. Did you change laundry detergents, fabric softeners, or anything like that? Is there a new fabric in the sheets? A new filler in pillows?

I hope you find an answer. Rose