Morning Headaches
An_254976 posted:
Occassionally I wake up with headaches, and have pains in the morning when chaging the direction of my eyes.
nyheadache responded:
There are many potential causes of morning headaches. The most common one is caffeine withdrawal. Eliminating caffeine from your diet can help. Another reason is related to neck muscle spasm. Sleeping on a flat pillow and doing strengthening isometric neck exercise - can also help. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are associated with morning headaches. Snoring, insomnia, and being tired in the morning despite sleeping for 7 - 8 hours suggests a sleep disorder.
Migralex doc
pinkpants78 responded:
Morning headaches could be linked to sleep disorders, which might also signify a health issue. Have yourself checked by a doctor so you that you will given the appropriate treatment or therapy..