tiredofheadaches posted:
I have a question when ever any of you have headaches.Do you have problems laying your head on a pillow? Say left side of face to the back of your neck? Also Whenever you have a headache does your face draw in some?
allie_bf responded:
That sounds more like trigeminal neuralgia than migraine, check with your doctor, but migraine doesn't usually involve facial pain, per se.
tiredofheadaches replied to allie_bf's response:
What is that?
mackallen replied to tiredofheadaches's response:
Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve. But it happens to one in 15000 people so, don't bother that you have it. Just consult your doctor. Even i'll discuss your situation with my doctor at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness and will let you know.
tiredofheadaches replied to mackallen's response:
Thank You!!!
rosielou replied to mackallen's response:
I thought the note about trigeminal nerve pain was a good thing to consider. It is so closely related to migraine that researching one or the other might uncover helpful ideas. We usually try not to dismiss things here in this board, getting conversations going is what we do.