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    Abdominal Migraines and Gastroparesis- Can anyone help or relate??
    nmg141631 posted:
    I am 28 years old and have been suffering from severe abdominal pain and severe vomiting since the age of 14. I have been to every major and non major hospital in iowa and spent 3months in the mayo clinic when i was 16. The doctors could find nothing. Doctors started saying is was in my head and psychosomatic and nothing was wrong. I could not eat anything with out being in horrible pain and vomiting for hours sometimes more than 24 hrs at a time every 5 to 10 mins. Still doctors where saying the was nothing physically wrong. I lost my first pregnancy in 04 due to complications. Gave birth to my first daughter in 06...horrible pregnancy but was on anti nausea medicine and was in the hospital weekly or every other week for fluids to keep hydrated and had a healthy baby. Got pregnant with with my 2nd doctor not so good. Had to get a pic line in and have a nurse come to my house 3xs a week to clean and for fluids ended up in Iowa city hospital where I developed fatty liver and my daughter came 7 weeks premature. I decided after that to get my tubes tied. I was still having constant pain and all the doctors would do was fill my with narcotics. I got put on Clondine for with drawls and that is what finally got the dr i currently see to look into abdominal migraines. It took 12 years to get that diagnosis. And for 12 years prior i went through hell thinking it was all in my head and being in the most constant severe pain I have ever experienced like a knife stabbing me over and over right above my belly button. Never did I experience pain any where else. In 2012 when i first got diagnosed I was very pissed when I read the symptoms. First line was SEVERE PAIN ABOVE THE NAVEL. I don't know I feel like I am alone and nobody believes the pain that I am in constantly. By no means is it as bad as it was but for 12 years friends and family thought I was crazy...literally. And I believe they dont take it seriously how bad it is. My doctor doesn't know why the clonidine works so well he believes it opens up the blood vessels that contract constantly everyday all day. In June 13 I had a scope done because I had fell ill again with horrible pains. ( Before I was diagnosed 2012 I was in the hospital multiple times a mo and in the er multiple times a week then it went once or twice a mo hospitalized) When they did the scope they found food still sitting in my stomach from over 4 days prior. So that is when the gastroparesis came in and now i take Propranolol and have changed my diet. I have not been hospitalized over night since and to the er a few since since. I feel mad confused alone judged and like no one knows what it is like. It has controlled my life for so long. I just want to know if there is anyone else out there that has experienced this or knows someone who has. Or even a doctor that specializes in cases like this.
    sfbeam responded:
    Hopefully you will get more responses than I did since you spelled Migraine right. I did not realize my mistake until your response. What you described is exactly what I go through. Like I swallowed razor blades and needles. I have found trying to find information difficult. Most of the information out there is regarding children it is rare for an adult to be diagnosed. Are you on the low fodmap diet? My triggers are menstruation and stress. What are yours?
    babco1969 responded:
    Sorry accident
    nmg141631 replied to sfbeam's response:
    See thats what gets me I dont know what my triggers are! I have tried every diet and it seems like when im stressed nothing happens..its almost when I feel like im the least stressed something happens or when im excited or looking forward to something which messes with me because then I ask myself..hmm is it in my head? I know its not but after 12 years of no one believing you and saying your crazy you start to think that its in your head. But ill eat something 100xs and nothing and then Ill eat and 3 days later my stomach will feel like a bowling ball is in there ill usually make myself vomit and there it will be still looking like it did 30seconds after i swallowed it. It sucks...I just wish I could figure it out. I can barley find any info and 90% of the doctors have no clue on what it is and yeah it frustrating. Do you ever get like sour stomach burps? I call em rotten egg burps. I freaking hate them, they are horrible and embarrassing. Do you have children? I see my youngest showing signs but people just roll my eyes because even though I have a diagnoses they dont take it seriously. but my youngest will say she is soo hungry and eat like 3 bits and say her stomach hurts and then 5 mins later be eating again which was some of my early signs and just didnt notice it. I will be starving and eat acouple bites and feel like I just stuffed myself and then 10 mins later im starving again. I have always been a picker.

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