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Chronic Daily Migranes + Sudden Nose Bleeds
jkissick18 posted:
I have had chronic daily migranes for probably 7 or 8 years now. I usually take Excedrin every day. I know that is not good to do, but I have to be able to work. They are the only thing that takes them away. I have had a cold for the past week (blowing my nose a lot) but today I blew my nose and immediately had a gushing nose bleed for around 15 minutes. It went away for a few hours and did the same thing but for about 25 minutes with no relief. I am just wondering if the migranes and the nose bleeds are related. I've always wanted an answer for my migranes.
rosielou responded:
Hi JKissisk18,

Sounds like you're having a miserable time there with daily migraines, add a cold, and then you get a couple of nosebleeds on top. Not much fun for this weekend!

You probably already know that the excedrin itself is likely contributing to the migraines, there is a lot of evidence showing that. (You can goggle "Daily NSAID migraine" and find plenty of information about medication overuse.) There are better Rx meds to prevent daily migraines, I take some myself, and they're easier on the whole body. Many of them are generic now and don't cost $$$ especially if you have insurance.

Excedrin has Tylenol in it. Recently there are warnings to decrease exposure to that in general, I think for liver toxicity but don't quote me there.

The daily aspirin dose is also probably linked to the nosebleeds. They seem severe enough to need medical attention. If there's a mini clinic nearby they can help treat a cold with nosebleeds. I'd recommend using a neti pot for the congestion, but I'm not sure if it would help or hurt the nosebleeds, the mini clinic will know that part.

Definitely find a headache "specialist" soon! and get away from taking Excedrin every day. Maybe start a headache journal and you might find triggers. Eat good food, avoid things in packages and with ingredients from chem labs.

I hope your cold eases up quickly

jkissick18 replied to rosielou's response:
Thank you for the response. I don't really have money to go to a doctor. But I've struggled with these migraines for years so it just seems like a part of my life and I'm not too in a rush to get them fixed. I haven't had any nose bleeds the past couple of days so maybe it was a fluke. But I very rarely ever get them and it looked like a massacre ha.
rosielou replied to jkissick18's response:
I'm glad things are better, nosebleeds really are disgusting.

Since you can't get to a doc, here are a few things that might help cut down the frequency of the migraines.

First, seriously you need to get away from that daily dosing of NSAID. That alone will significantly decrease the number of episodes. Plus your nosebleeds kind of indicate that you're experiencing the bleeding side effect, which isn't good. (You can research med overuse and rebound headaches.)

Add these daily supplements. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and Magnesium

Drink plenty of water and don't skip meals.

This link takes you to a discussion where one member was using butterbur to manage her chronic migraines. Maybe this is an option for you.

I hope you get some relief from those migraines soon!


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