Need Suggestions
kmiller2130 posted:
I got a call back today saying they got me an appointment with a neurologist but it's not until July 7 - 2 months away. I am having these migraines about 4 times a week. I really wish I could see someone sooner but so far no luck. I can't take this much longer. Should I go back to my primary doctor? Does anyone know of anything that might help? All the otc meds dont seem to work.
jules1202 responded:
I would go back to your primary and have them do some blood test to rule out things like B vitamin deficiencies or anemia.

You could also try an otc prevention med. I take migrelief and it is a huge help for me. My neurologist recommended it and there is alot of research showing the level of B-2 in it can help with migraine prevention.