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Day 67 & counting...
An_257141 posted:
So I don't know if this is so much a discussion as it would be a cry for some support or knowledge that someone else out there has dealt with something similar, but I have had a headache that has caused me significiant daily "brain fog" and severly hindered my quality of life for over two months now with no signs of stopping.

Some backstory - a little over two months ago I drove white-knuckled cross-state (I live on the east side of Washington state) in a treacherous snow storm at about half the freeway speed limit. The morning after the drive I woke up with a nasty headache, which I chalked up to being in the bloody car for 8 hours. This was only the beginning (and ultimately it may not have any bearing on anything).

Ever since then, every single morning, I wake up with a headache. A dull, pressure headache that consumes my entire head. Triggered by nothing. It's just there. It seems to get a bit better with a heavy dose of ibuprofen and weekly massage therapy, but it doesn't go away. The doctor thought it was sinus related, so I tried antibiotics, nasal sprays, and even the Neti pot. Nothing. Then we thought it was eye strain. Got my eyes checked and prescription double checked. I work in front of computers every day, but I have for 10 years with no problems and take regular breaks from the screen, so that's been all but ruled out. Then we thought maybe TMJ related, so I got a bite guard and started sleeping with that but it really hasn't helped. Ultimately, I'm now taking "Topamax" which is doing nothing and already tried 1 or 2 other migraine related drugs (this headache is definitely NOT a migraine) while waiting for a referral for a neurologist to go through the system.

While I wait, I decided to come here and see if there is anyone out there who has had to cope with something like this - pain I can handle, but this 'fog' - this daily confusion and mental difficulty I can't. I've spent my whole life being great at my job and being a vibrant, fun-loving person and now every day is about getting out of bed and surviving until I can get back in to bed. What could be causing this headache? What can I do to get my head back on track? Why do I feel so dang tired all day regardless of how much I sleep? I'm just hoping someone else out there has been where I've been and can let me know that I'm not alone and give me some advice on how I can get out of this gray cloud...
jules1202 responded:
That is a long time to be in constant pain!

Have they done blood test to check for defiencies?
The fog is concerning but keep in mind a medicine like topamax will increase your fog (I call it stupidmax) so it may be making your problem worse!
Have they MRI'd your neck? The fact that it started after a long stressful car ride makes me wonder about the neck being the trigger point and I have heard of a number of people with neck problems and their only inital symptom was a constant headache.

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