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Acute Confusional Migraines
memedeborah posted:
I was admitted to the hospital in October with stroke like symptoms, was diagnosed with ACM. I have had migraines with aura's for at least 18 years. I had episodes where I just blanked out and couldn't think, became very confused. Since then I am having flashbacks of things that happened in the past, not traumatic, just thing such as I will see houses on a street that I used to travel down to go to a girlfriends grandmothers house. Things I couldn't remember if I tried. I probably have 10-15 of these per day. It is really freaking me out. I am so afraid there is something serious wrong with my mind. I have had the episodes of confusion probably 6 or 7 times in my life, dating back to about 16 years ago. The only constants I can think of are the migraines, diet soda's and hormone imbalance. Any ideas what could be causing the flashbacks?
jules1202 responded:
Are you having these episodes in any rhythym with migraines or are they pretty consistently 10-15 times per day whether you have migraines or diet soda or no matter what your hormone levels are?

Do you know what triggers your migraines? Have they put you on any new medicine recently? Some of the various medicines they give you for migraines or hormone imbalances can cause some very odd side effects and if you have started a new med in that time frame that is an area I would be considering as a source.

The mind is a strange complex thing and the way it reacts to medicine, situations, stressors, or illnesses varies person to person. Above all if this is something that is concerning you then you should speak up to your GP about the problem and see if they can do a work-up to see if there is anything going on.
ginpene responded:
Hi. I have had episodes which sound somewhat like yours except yours are more complicated and more frequent. Plus mine don't include pain. At first I thought I was having a stroke. I have had 3 episodes in the last year which include the inability to speak and confusion (like not knowing how to use my cellphone and lap top). It only lasts for an hour or so. My neurologist says there is really no treatment since they come so rarely. He did order an EEG and echocardiogram which were normal, and my internist had already done blood work and MRI of my head. Maybe having some of these tests done would assure you that your brain is ok. It is scarey- I have visions of myself sitting in a corner babbling one day. Other than this I don't know anything else that could possibility help you. Good luck. gp

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