Sharp right side headache of one or two seconds
dogwithbrains2 posted:
Hi. Yes, lately I've been getting very sudden [one or two second> sharp pains mostly on my right side of my head about half way to the top of my head above the ear.. I attribute them to either stress or a jaw or eye or neck pain or maybe even dryness in my sinuses. There might be other reasons I am not aware of such as stress or teeth aches. I have not ever had headaches lasting longer that one or two seconds and have rarely had any headaches in my life of any severity. They seem to be in a very localized area and not spread out. It takes about as long as I can say ,"Ouch!" and then they are gone. It occurs maybe only once or twice in a day and then not again for several days or even the next week. I live in Tucson so I am thinking it is caused by the dryness in the air. I do get neck tension so that might might be it. John
jules1202 responded:
I would go in and get that checked. If it were something that just happened once I wouldn't worry but since it has happened repeatedly it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something. It could be neck related or a number of other things but I would definitely go in to the doctor.
jules1202 replied to jules1202's response:
Found this article for you that might be helpful.
flappysgirl responded:
Do you grind or clinch your teeth? I do, and I was having the same type pains, but they began to get worse and longer. Three doctors/dentists confirmed that I have major TMJ issues causing the headaches.
mariajohnson responded:
There might be several reasons for sharp headaches. Here is the site that can help you with your problem.