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Pressure in my Head or Scalp
An_257243 posted:
I regularly get a type of pressure in my head or on my scalp, I periodically get strong migraines but this is more of a "pressure". Over the last decade or longer I get these headaches and the symptoms have been ruining my life. I literally feel myself slowing down, as this pressure spreads along random parts of my head or scalp. My neck and back hurts often, my neck hurts more towards the skull almost feels like where the spine attaches to the skull.

Symptoms include going into a dream like state, poor hearing, confusion, it makes it hard to think, speak well, remember things or communicate. I get anxiety to the point where I can barely look someone in the eyes, if I do I inadvertently shift my eyes away on impulse. My eyes get blurry and it feels like my entire body goes numb like I am looking through someone elses eyes and watching them do things, almost like I am in a dream with cotton stuffed in my head during times where I have to perform in front of other people weather it be playing a card game or working. It is hard for me to explain well but I am writing this hoping someone knows what has been happening to me and how I can make it stop.

I am unable to see a doctor for a while, I lost my last doctor after not being able to get a ride several times. It has only gotten worse and I lost many friends, both jobs that ever game me a chance, lost a few relationships with some of my family and who wants to date someone that looks like it is hard for them even look at you and communicate well?

I just do not know what to do, over the counter pain pills reduce the pain in my neck and gets rid of any headaches but the pressure always comes back. I looked around the internet and found cases of anxiety that had similar symptoms but never found an exact match or a solution that helps. I took sugar out of my diet for a while, I reduced then stopped drinking caffeine and even stopped smoking. I am not out of shape beyond running stamina, I am slightly underweight for my age but I work out and I do not do any drugs at all.

If there is someone out there that has this problem or anyone that has any information that can identify the problem I would greatly appreciate it. I know this is a long shot but I do not even know what to call it or what I can do to reduce these symptoms while I wait to see a doctor.
dkfields responded:
Migraine is a neurological disorder. Headache is only a symptom of Migraine. There are many types of Migraine that don't affect the head--abdominal Migraine and silent Migraine to name a couple. A silent Migraine is symptoms without pain such as pressure, dizziness, visual disturbances and other things like that. It's possible that this is what you a experiencing. Without seeing a doctor it's hard to tell.

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