Migraine lasted few days at a time
donarit posted:
I've been having this headache (on the right side mostly) and it would last few days at a time. Usually it would happen on Sunday and carry on to Monday and Tuesday and sometimes onto Wednesday and Thursday. I have a hard time focusing but since I'm a mom, I have to tough it up and do everything like normal. What is the cure for this crazy migraine? I have taken Motrin and Tylenol. I try to exercise here and there, not religiously cuz I'm so busy with full time work and full time mom. Please help!!!
jules1202 responded:
That sounds like a lot of migraines I get. Is it usually every Sunday? Have you tried logging them to try to determine what the trigger might be? Like sleeping in or drinking less water or chemical?
I used to always get a migraine on Saturday and I thought it was from dusting (dust allergy) but it turned out it was bathroom cleaner chemicals triggering it. Now I avoid chemical cleaners and I get a lot less migraines and no more Saturday morning migraine.

Since what you describe sounds like a migraine, I would definitely see your dr either way and get a check up done and maybe some bloodwork to see if you have any vitamin deficiencies triggering the headaches.