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They are back...again...
jdl2112 posted:
I suffered from a cluster/migraine variant from the age of 13 until I was 36 and then they just stopped one day.

I went to the hospital at least 3x a month for 15 years because they would cause paralysis to a point where I couldn't walk to the car.

I was diagnosed at 19 with this variant and I was treated in more ways than I remember including local shots, Imitrex, Torodol, and just about every narcotic you can think of. I also had a portable oxygen tank that I used for years. Filed for bankruptcy twice in 23 years due to overwhelming medical bills and lost one job after another because my employers thought I had a "Headache", and we less than compassionate. Normal concepts were for trigger foods, don't use too many pillows, get enough sleep, don't look "down" at monitors or TV's...etc etc.

Today I'm 46 and in the last few months I have suddenly started to have pain again and this time it's much more severe than last time in my neck/eye area, and I'm experiencing full body paralysis.

After several times I was finally diagnosed by neurologist as having something called a "Complex Migraine".

Is there anyone out there who has experienced either of these listed below?

1. Had the headaches stop for years then start again and:
2. Have the new headaches be a totally different classification?

I'm reaching out on this because I have NO IDEA how I'm going to make it again if they start to flare up full time. I'm just too old now to be throwing up on myself and not being able to get off the floor to get into an ambulance.

I'll take any help/advice anyone has on either starting up after years of being OK and if someone out there is familiar with complex migraines, I'd love to hear from you with any ideas.
jules1202 responded:
For question 1 and 2 yes to both. In my early 20's I got alot of classic migraines with aura. My vision would go funny and I would have stabbing pain for hours and then it finally stopped overall (maybe happens now like once a year).

In my 30's I started getting what I thought was sinus headaches that just got worse and worse till I had them daily and finally went for help to an ENT who sent me to the neuro who said no those are just a different kind of migraine.

Yes, it sucks and if I were you I would focus on finding a good prevention med to help prevent the migraine attacks. Since I started going to the neuro I still have these horrible migraines but I have them alot less than before so the prevention meds do help some.

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