Sporadic hemiplegic migraine
nick4421 posted:
Can anyone give me any information concerning sporadic hemiplegic migraines? My previously healthy 28 year old seizure began having ...what manifested as stroke-like symptoms unilaterally...and always present with a significant headache prior to and post these episodes. This has happened all of a sudden...there is no family history. The physicians in charge of her care at the moment state that hemiplegic migraines only occur in children. Is this true? This is horrifying. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from someone soon.
atti_editor responded:
Hi nick4421,

Here is an overview of hemiplegic migraines that has a lot of good information I think you will find helpful to read through. Sporadic hemiplegic migraines means that you did not test positive for the genetic defects linked to these types of migraines and, therefore, in your case these are not inherited and it is unlikely you will pass them on to your children. I do not see anything about these only occurring in children -- you may want to ask the doctor to explain this in further detail. Please let us know how she is doing!

Best wishes,