Really scared!
janocera posted:
I have had a dull headache that travels along the front of my head for 4 days no other symptoms. CT scan was negative with no other symptoms present. Pain seems to ease when I am sleeping as when I wake up in the middle of the night it is next to nothing. When I get started in my day the pain comes back at a 3-5 pain scale level. Dr. does not think this is a bleed and believes it is stress related. Any thoughts as I am very worried.
meaningfulc1952 responded:
Hi janocera,

Just because your CT scan was normal does not mean that you do not have a real headache problem. I have had tension and migraine headaches since I was a teenager. I am now in my early 60's. Have you seen a neurologist? If you have not then I would recommend that you do.

My neurologist prescribes fioricet w/codeine and summatriptan and Phenergan. The summatriptan is for migraines and the fioricet w/codeine is for the tension headaches.

Some neurologists that I have seen in the past do not want to prescribe the medicines that I take. If that is a problem for you then I would keep on trying to find a neurologist that will be more helpful for your headache problems. There are many different medications available now to help with tension and migraine headaches.
Do not give up, just find a better dr.