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Hi I'm new....commiserating with everyone
ajrmama3 posted:
So happy I found this place. I've had chronic migraines for years, and am finally getting botox in a couple weeks which I'm terrified of but it has to be better than this. I'm having a migraine that lasts 2-4 days a week, every week, sometimes longer. Nothing I've done or been on seems to cause any relief. I finally have been given hydrocodone to dull the pain enough to work; I work at least 40 hours a week and have three small children, so laying in a dark room is a distant memory now for recovery, i have to just rely on pure grit to get through them. I have been given some relpex (sp?) recently that helps but it knocks me out so I can only take if I'm at home and have the ability to sleep.

I've been put on lexapro and xanax because this has caused me some depression and anxiety as well.

Another fun component is that my spouse and family seem just depleted of support. "Take some ibuprofen" or "It can't be that bad" or "God when do you NOT have a migraine" if I'm enjoying it and want it to last longer.

So anyway, that's my story. Glad to have found a place to vent and hopefully share stories, support/advice.
familydogs responded:
Welcome to the site. I can so relate to you about how your family treats you. Our families have no idea what kind of pain we are in because they don't suffer the excruciating pain we do. They just don't understand. My family makes remarks similar to yours. What, another headache? They almost expect me to have one everyday, and seem to think I have CONTROL over them. Do you know how that makes us feel? I try not to buy into their emotional reactions, because it only makes me feel worse. And I don't want to feel any worse than I already do! Have you tried any alternative methods of treatment: accupuncture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, or used B-2, COQ10, magnesium, or Chinese herbs like Head Q and Ease Plus? I
dayindayout1975 responded:
I'm new to and have been having migraines since I was 11 maybe 12. They switched up on me almost two years ago starting with a migrain that lasted 8.5 months that's when I had my second cervical surgery that kept them away for almost 5 months, then they started up again. Unless you get them, YOU DON"T KNOW HOW BAD IT IS! When I was getting them as a kid, I came to the conclusion that I had to be getting them from the flicker of florescent lights. I always started feeling one come on at about 1:30-2 pm when I was in middle school thru high school, then I Kind of got a grip on what to do when I felt one coming on. Kind cooking and smoking helped-especially when it was Medically grown. I never had any success with any of the Rx's. They usually made things worse. Thanks to a friend that I had trusted (with my life depending on the situation) had insisted I eat a brownie from his older brother. I would have chosen to go to the 'Ol familiar ER room wherever I was when they crippled me. Much to my dismae, It worked-When I Had Tried All the Rx's available, and with what side effects-a little mellower, not stressed, relaxed, at the base of MT Adams with my crew waiting for me to ascend the Mt for a early summer Snowboard trip back in 1991-92. With the onset of the 8.5 month migraine Nothing worked, IE the Lamectomy surgery for Stenosis. That was almost a year and 3 months ago. My everything changed. A severe head trama and a group of other problems (Cervical fusion that didn't fuse between C-6,C-7, which worsened my neck problems with Stenosis, DDD,and Spondiliosis). I look back now, I was so out of it, just getting to the Dr's office was so hard to do, but I wouldn't have listened to the Fn kooks. They just tried to give me more Rx's, At the Clinic I was going to I think I went through 7 or 8 of there professionals (KOOKs) in that 8.5 months. It was completely ridiuclous! They wouldn't send me to a specialist, which now I know are out there, Find a dr that isn't stuck on keeping your money and insurance bills in house! Since last January I started getting the Chronic Migraines again with a few months of clearity behind me I took all my issues with the ML Commmunity Health clinic all the way up to the CEO. It did me no good of course-but already had a new Clinition appt lined up. Any who-Has anyone had head traumas and diseases of the spine like mine that may or not contributed to Migraines that changed so drastically like mine. And If so please submit something to me if you have read this far. Thanks
meaningfulc1952 responded:
Hello ajrmama3,
I have had the botox injections in my neck for a few years now that my neurologist does. I have not found them to be of much help with my migraine headaches at all. The botox does relax my stiff neck muscles but that is all.

You say that you are taking hydrocodone for the pain. My experience with that medicine is that is does not help at all with my headaches. I take fioricet with codeine and if it is a migraine I take summatriptan. Relpax is a very good migraine medicine too. I see that you take that when you can.

Maybe you should not discuss your headache problems with your family since they are not being helpful at all. You could always say that you have a very good dr. that is treating you for the migraines and leave it like that.

I take Lexapro also. My pain mgt. dr. prescribes valium and skelaxin for me to help with my muscle spasms. Of course valium is and can be addicting for some people.

Are you seeing a neurologist? If you are not then I recommend that you find a good neurologist and go from there. Some of them do not want to prescribe meds like I am taking and some of them will. It is just a matter of how these particular neurologists are when it comes to medications.

Good luck,
dayindayout1975 responded:
I replied yesterday to your post, but since it was my first time posting myself I didn't get the chance to say that I am one of 9 children. I haven't had kids/married, and the rest of my siblings are and happily have 29 kids between the 8 of them. Your blip about them giving you a little guff now and again is something I know to well-even if they don't do it as much as they used to. Only one of my older sisters suffers from Migraines (and blessed, say the least to be married to an MD that graduated with the top honors of his distinguished school). They have there lives, with there families as a top priority. I am treated as an outcast, of a kind. With 2 of my other sisters married to Dr's also, I await the day when either they reach out a little more (simple gesture, words, ect) or I am relieved of at least my chronic migraines so I could feel like I could be a part of the family circle again. I have had thoughts that I have learned to redirect when it comes to wishing the new what It was like to be crippled like I am when they hit.

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