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Sinus Headaches EVERYDAY
butterfly_gurl posted:
I'm at my wits end w/ these Sinus Headaches EVERYDAY. I've tried every kind of OTC meds, Seen numerous doctors, specialist & all the meds I was prescribed didn't work at all. I recall at the age of 7yrs old I had Sinus Headaches a lot & my mom gave me decongestant but can't recall if it worked then but it doesn't work now. My sinus Headaches started back in 1999 right after I had my daughter. Ever since then I have a Sinus Headache everyday. I can't take it anymore. So Painful. Any suggestions, any help, anything if anybody knows what maybe I can do or what will help, Please let me know.
sophiespike responded:
Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. Have you seen a neurologist and/or headache specialist? Were you actually diagnosed with sinus headaches, with MRI, CAT scan, any other studies? To be honest, these sound like migraines to me. The two are very often confused, even by doctors, and it often takes a good neuro or headache spec. to make the correct diagnosis. Are you on any meds now?
lisahauer09 responded:
The sinus area and passages are very small and when they swell up it can be difficult to treat because of the inflammation it causes. Sometimes even after an opperation of the sinuses it can be a long time before recovery because of the swelling. Have you ever had an operation on your sinuses? Also I agree with the advice about going to a headache specialist because he or she (if they're good) can determine what type of headache you have exactly. It might be that you have clusters also. Does it ever hurt behind your eye? Also a lot of pain medication can make it hurt worse by causing more swelling after they wear off. Try going without the pain meds and see what happens.
FoxDee responded:
Hey I would suggest you see an ENT specialist. They have this surgery where they separate the walls above your nasal passages which rub together causing this headache. I was offered this surgery to relieve my headaches. You should definitely look into it.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, cheree -- i'm with sophie. i spent two months this spring going to my dr b every week trying to find something to cure the most excruciating sinus headaches i had ever had in my entire life. OTC meds didn't even touch the pain. i got several different kinds of antibiotics, nose sprays, steroids, and shots. i was crying most of the day every day. finally i went to an ENT dr, who sent me for a CAT scan, then said, there's nothing wrong with your sinuses, go see a neurologist. my neurologist sent me for an MRI and then diagnosed me with migraines. he put me on topamax as a preventive (25 mg in the morning, 25 mg at night), and no more migraines since then. i am just now, four months after starting the topamax, beginning to relax and think, OK, maybe it's really b over. please check out the possibility that these could be migraines. -- susie margaret
Peeweeh1 responded:
I have had severe sinus problems since my teens im in my forties now I even had sinus surgery this did nothing to help me I keepa bottle of nasal saline flush, and a bottle of nasal crom or the off brand at CVS when the days happen that I have taken everything and done everything except dynomite these seem to help in relieving the pain along with musinex and sinus plus with ibuprofen, I feel for you because I go through the same thing day in and day out. :sad: :crying:
An_205281 responded:
I'm not a doctor just a fellow headache sufferer, and I'd strongly recommend you see an ENT (who can examine your sinuses thoroughly) and advise you whether or not your sinuses are infected, blocked, etc. If so, the ENT can treat this for you and relieve the pain. I'd also recommend an allergist, who can let you know easily if allergies are triggering your sinus pain. I suffered chronic daily awful headaches for months, went to 2 neurologistics, GPs, took topamax, etc, until I finally got my headaches traced back to my sinuses by an allergist and an ENT. I'm now recovering from sinus surgery and while I feel a lot of pain now, the ENT is very hopeful that this will relieve my headaches for good. Feel better.

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