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    Includes Expert Content
    Migraines and mitral valve prolapse
    tddodgeman posted:
    I have had a cardiologist tell me he has cured many migrains by repairing the mitral valve in patients with a prolapse. Is there anything out there to support this so I can get my insurance to approve this. I was diognosed with a prolapse as a kid. I have suffered from migraines for 6 years and have some pain every day with bouts of severe headaches every 2-7 days. I have to go in and get narcotic shots when I have these severe bouts. When I get these migraines I lose my equallibriam and sight. I am totally diabled because of these, where as before I was a viable person in society. I am a vertual prisoner in my own home due to the triggers of smells. It would be great to get rid of these things for good!
    whitebear4 responded:
    I've heard it works, so I would get the surgery.
    Timothy Collins, MD responded:
    Unfortunately there are no reported trials of mitral valve prolapse repair and migraine headache. There are papers that suggest mitral valve prolapse is more common in migraine patients, but no one has done a study to evaluate this.

    I would not recommend this for any of my patients, because there are no published medical reports that this works.

    You may want to consider seeing one of the larger headache clinics and reviewing all the medications you have been on in the past--its pretty rare for us to see a patient that has literally been on everything.
    tddodgeman replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
    I have been sent to 3 different UC clinics and the only thing I am told is , hopefully the light switch will go off the way it came. I can not take the migrain meds as I am allergic to some and I have had others cause heart attacks and a stroke. It is frustrating that no one is doing studies on migraines except the drug company sposored ones. Why don't Drs. want to find a way to help people with something that is way more common than people know? All of you Drs. should pull together to get the government to help. They help find cures for silly things, but things that are dibilitating like daily migrains, the government does'nt sponsor that research.
    tddodgeman replied to whitebear4's response:
    I would in a heart beat if I could get the insurance to pay for it. Reality is I can't afford an open heart surgery by myself.
    tddodgeman replied to tddodgeman's response:
    Maybe we as migrain sufferers shoulg get together and perform a walk like the immigrants did. They got some of the help they were looking for. We could make the Government take a look at something they don't even think exhists. All of us sufferers out there are causing them lots of money as we are off work more than the "normal" person and alot of us are on Social Security Disability. This costs the government millions of dollars every year, yet they don't look at that!
    tddodgeman responded:
    I actually have Mitral Valve Regurgitation. Not sure how bad at this time but I am waiting on an appointment for a Cardiologist.
    tddodgeman replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
    Is there anything out there about Mitral Valve Regurgitation being fixed to relieve or eliminate Migrains?
    whitebear4 replied to tddodgeman's response:
    I'm confused; did you say you have had strokes and heart attacks yourself when you took certain migraine meds? Also which preventatives have you tried?
    tddodgeman replied to whitebear4's response:
    Yes, that is exactly what I said. In the first year they had changed my medication to Zomeg and I had a minor heart attack, they chalked it up family heredity, since I had on when I was 24. A few weeks later I had a small stroke, thankfully I have regained all my abilities with hand and arm and face that was effected. In a six year period I can not remember all the meds. I have been on but I have been on quite a few and counting.
    lenavan responded:

    While googling, I found your story. I know it's been a long time since you've posted this but I'm very interested in what you've done eventually: taken the surgery or not. If so, I'd like to know if you have had positive results. I'm also considering surgery for a mitral valve prolapse, hoping it will reduce my migraines. But my doctors aren't really recommanding it.

    Thanks in advance!

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