Daily Migraines
An_205327 posted:
I had my wisdom teeth removed in January of this year; I have had severe headaches ever since then. In the past few weeks the migraines have risen in pain and become to much for me to deal with, so I went to my regular doctor yet again. I was diagnosed with migraines. He prescribed me with Inderal last week, but I stopped that at the beginning of this week because it lowered my blood pressure to much. He then ordered a prescription of Topamax but I am on day 2 and think I should stop because I am shaky, dizzy and not myself. Neither of these have helped the severity or the number of migraines I have had. I know my migraines are caused because of nerve damage from one of the two surgeries this year on my jaw. I am at my wits end and wondering if anyone else is in a similar sitution or has any helpful advice.
whitebear4 responded:
becuase of the unusual circumstance with your surgery, I'm not sure what to tell you exept that you need to be on a prevenative medication for migraines at least 6 weeks before you will know if it helps, and most side effects go away with time. The benefits should outweigh the risks.