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strangest one yet
penguie posted:
Nasty migraine last night and it is continuing into today. Pain was centered about the left orbit and strangely enough for awhile it felt as though I was numb right down the left side thru the brachial plexus, below that fine. Very odd. And felt as though there were feet on fire doing Riverdance on my scalp along with my entire body being hot. Rather intense pain and admittedly I did think stroke but it didnt make sense with the pain and numbness to be on the same side. Usually left side symptoms should be with a right hemishpere infarct. Admittedly I am wired a bit weird apparently: ever sicne I was a kid I would colour two pictures at same time using both hands and as I got older I can write with both hands at the same time and somehow write different things. (great way to slow down fast speaking profs in lecture when sitting in front row teeehee). Today I seem ok although the pain is lingering so I took another Amerge this morning; the one I took last night did squat all. Actually contemplated having my parents take me to emerg but figured it wold be loud and more painful than staying at home. Such a strange night it was. Not quite certain what to make of it. Stress levels havent been super high. I mean i do have my final CAMRT certification exam looming on the 18th and am currently in job hunt mode. Part of me wonders if the move back south could have triggered things on or what. All I know is it was a strange one and today has left me in no shape to study, bah
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
Its not that unusual for both the pain and the numbness/tingling to be on the same side of the body---the same parts of the brain are involved in feeling both pain and tingling/light touch.

One part of the brain (the thalamus) acts somewhat like a switchboard, and can become over active (or hypersensitive) during migraine, which is where the head tenderness during a migraine comes from, and what can make it "hurt" to brush your hair during a migraine.
penguie replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
makes sense. I think last night my limited brain power was thinking sudden stroke or soemthing with the intensity it all had and having mostly seen patients have the paralysis on the other side but again brain function was not really there. Still not the greatest and wishing I could strangle evreyone who is outside with leaf blowers and lawn mowers
hrs12345 replied to penguie's response:
Is it normal to have numbness in your fingertips during a scatomas migraine? I was diagnosed with this type of migraine due to the onset including crescent shaped flashing lights in my vision, but I also get the nubness in my fingers every time that I get a migraine. I believe that my migraines are associated with nasal allergies - Is this common?

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