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Hey all, ever had daily migrianes?
melhallblade34 posted:
I am really frustrated and very tired.I have had migraines off and on since I was 18, but the medications worked and they were infrequent. Two years ago they started getting worse, a year and a half ago the imtrix quit working. So I started taking zomig and amitryptiline, and seeing a nuero. about a month and a half ago I had a really bad sinus infection, I thought it was gone and 24 days ago I had a really bad migraine, and have had one everyday since. I have developed a ulcer in my sinuses, but I think that is going away. Now these migraines have come everyday, with and without aura, my zomig and midrin work for a few hours but then wear off. I have done predzone with no luck, had two infusions, that wore off, and found out I have an allergy to dhe45. MRI was normal, and I was informed by my supervisor today that my fmla was worded wrong, so I may lose my job, because I haven't been able to work for the last 8 days. any help would be appreciated.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
It doesn't sound like they have used any other medications for long term prevention (other than amitriptyline). You should talk with your doctor about other prevention medications----you can look up a list of prevention medications in the Tips section to the right of the discussion list.
melhallblade34 replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
Thanks for the reply. My neuro has switched me to topamax but it will take a few weeks to kick in. Guess I will just have to deal until then.