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Migrane/headache for two weeks never had them before
tainoxl posted:
I've been having cluster migrane for about two weeks know, I finally went to the er and still in pain. The er did a ct scan which came back fine but my blood work had elevated levels of enzymes. Also I had high blood pressure when I got to the er but after they gave me some med for the migrane my blood pressure went back to normal. I was told to not take tylenol due to the liver count. I never had headaches before I was wondering if I should go back to the er or just keep waiting it out. My right eye feels like it could pop out soon my jaw and even my teeth are starting to hurt.
melhallblade34 responded:
Wow, I am so sorry for your pain. Did the ER give you instructions as far as fallow up? For my migraines nsada like Aleve or Ibuprofen work to take the edge off, I you don't have a nuero I would suggest that you get one. Good Luck
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
If you had a scan, then most of the "bad" causes for headache have been eliminated (tumors, etc).

Sounds like you need better medications than you are getting in the ER. The ER (or your regular MD) should be able to set up an appointment with a neurologist to get better control of your headaches.
tainoxl replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
Alright went back to the er, at a different hospital I needed something for this headache. I was given some muscle relaxer which knocked me out and when the Doc woke me up I was a new man, bless him. I was also given some med that seem to work. Man I feel like night and day, I must say I know respect people with migraines. It is painful, thats coming from on stubborn sob. As for the liver I will be following up in few days with my regular Doctor.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Is it migraines or cluster headache? As for if you get hte clusters, I have heard you can get oxygen therapy and it may help the pain stop. Sometimes Imitrex works also.

Did they find out what was causing the elevated liver ensymes?
tainoxl replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
I was given caffeine tabs, Fioricet, which seems to help alot. I still have to go to the doc for the liver, my guess would be 1yr of doxcycline every day maybe, who knows. Also one hospital said cluster headache the other said tension hedache.
petuniapeapod replied to tainoxl's response:
You may also want to consider getting your teeth checked out. I have been getting migraines for 20 years, but since this is your first time and you mention pain in your jaw and teeth, you should check out the possibility that the cause may be in your mouth. I am currently on antibiotics and will be getting a root canal and 2 crowns to fix 2 cracked molars. Initially, my teeth were overly sensitive and that progressed to pain in my jaw, around my ear, and that whole side of my face/head and continued to get worse. With antibiotics, it's gotten much better. 2-3 Motrin took care of the pain. Just wanted to suggest you consider this.
An_205344 replied to petuniapeapod's response:
You may want to try OMT. Its basically where a musculoskeletal abnormality is causing nerve impingement or inflammation because of anatomical changes.

See this as an example:

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