ice on head
whitebear4 posted:
Here is a good thing to do if it gets hot, or even if you just have migraines-look up techniice on google or look around for it at festivals and fairs. Cut it into strips and soak in warm water. Then wrap each one into a handkerchief and freeze it. Then before you go outside wrap one around your head and one around your neck. Also if you're just feeling a little crummy in the morning wrap one around your head. Don't want to push any product here but so far that's the one that seems to work out, it doesn't melt either because it's a polymer inside or something. You could also get big paper thin ice packs that go in your camping gear and freeze that, but I haven't found one yet that doesn't leak, it's water in those. So anyway check it out I won't give out the website because that would be selling something and that's against the rules.
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