waking up with headache, sore throat
pattypan posted:
My childhood chum (of 54 years) has been troubled for at least a year with waking up in the morning with a sore throat and headache, enough to take a couple of tylenols just to get going. Now, she has also noticed swollen hands and feet upon awakening...she has been told she has GERD but nothing traditional works and shes having another barium swallow this week. The diet for candida seemed to help, but she abandoned it after a couple of months.....any ideas?
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ooglaboogala responded:
This reminds me of me, except for the swollen feet. I cut out sweeteners, coffee, sls in toothpaste, and all mouth wash. It seems to help some. I can not seem to find all the answers but I sure wish I could. Good luck.