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Things I've learned from 30 years of chronic migraines. Don't take an nsaid (Motrin, Naproxen, Aspirin, Goodies are examples) daily for your migraines. It can cause rebound headaches. Stay away from salt, preservatives, red dye, red wine, actually any alcohol, cut down on caffeine intake, sugar binges, eat consistently, stay away from cigarette smoke & get enough sleep consistently. Sometimes, birth control helps. 33% have no effect, 33% have a reduction in migraines & 33% have an increase. I personally had a decrease. I knew my headaches were hormonal. I actually got pregnant on first try on both my sons. I didn't ovulate until the 28th day & always got a migraine that day which lasted until I began my menses began & thru the cycle. I'm one of the few women who said darlin I have a headache, lets have sex. But it worked! Anyway, try the above. I would add to stay away from stress, but in todays world that generally isn't possible!
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Thanks for posting this. I love that you mentioned sex relieves headaches.

Do you still suffer from migraines?
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