Migraine headache causes and how I fixed my headaches
nicejean posted:
30 years ago I had horrible migraine headaches and 2 small children, I went to the Dr. and had testing and this has saved my life. I have never had another migraine headache since. I was given list of all the triggers for migraines, and everyone on that list I could not eat or drink for 3 months. this list included of course red wine, chocolate, coffee, tea and some cheeses. I did this exactly as prescribed and started at top of the list and added 1 a month. It didn't take long to find my migraine triggers were chocolate and tea. I haven't had real tea in 30 years or chocolate . good news no headaches either. this list I am sure is on the internet. please try this. I am big tea drinker and decaffeinated is OK. no headaches. when it turned out to be these 2 things only the DR said it is the chemical in those 2 things that I am allergic to. I was allergic to chocolate as a child but only gave me rash not headaches.Good luck with this I have never to take meds for headaches and this cured mine.
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