I have found a cure for me, and maybe you????
4AudiQ posted:
Brain Pain:
Sometime in late winter of 2012 (February), I began to experience pain in my brain whenever I would cough, laugh extra hard, sneeze, have to push during a difficult Bowel Movement or even bend over at the waist. I came on without warning. I had a CT Scan done on February 24 ,2012, which came back with no signs of a brain tumor, which I thought might be the cause of my brain pain. I went to Google and discovered in the WebMD site, that other people have had this same condition, with no name and no known cure.

I did find fellow suffers here: http://forums.webmd.com/3/migraines-and-headaches-exchange/forum/865?pg=1

and here: http://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=31&m=1276301

I did not see any solution that would fit my situation, but it was comforting to know that other people have experienced the same thing.

I saw my Neurologist, Dr. Michael Bell, on May 24, 2012 and he gave me a Prescription for Indomethacin @ 25mg with instructions to take 1 capsule 3 times per day. I received them in the mail and started taking them on June 7, 2012, with further instructions to stop in 2 weeks, because they could eat a hole in my stomach if I took them any longer. By the 3rd pill, I could already tell they were making a difference. I stopped on June 21, 2012 with no brain pain.
By June 9, 2012, I had a serious coughing spell and yet experienced no pain.

6/19/2012 - today I am feeling some pain when I cough.
July 8, 2012 - I felt some brain pain when I coughed today.
July 9, 2012 - pain has disappeared.
July 24, 2012 - no brain significant brain pain since I quit taking Indomethacin.
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