neuralgia after shingles
nygirl posted:
Hi doctor,
I think I had shingles about 2 1/2 year ago.
Actually no one confirmed that it was shingles. I had severe pain on right side of my face and my primary care doctor thought it should be shingles and prescribed medicine for shingles before any blusters came out (and I never got blusters).
I still had severe pain after 2 months and met a couple of different doctors including neurologist. I had blood work done, MRI and physical tests but they couldn't find anything. So the neurologist assumed it must be shingles and prescribed some pain killers for a couple of months.
2 1/2 years after, still I have the tension headaches & tinglings on my face basically everyday almost throughout the day and get worse when I get stressed or intensive work.
It is a lot better in the morning and start getting worse when I start working or thinking. sometimes I can't even focus or work.
Also I think this has been affecting my eye sights as well.
I am wondering if this is a way to heal this symptom.
Any advise would be highly appreciated if I can reduce this pain.
Thank you!
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