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An_250569 posted:
I completely understand I have been where you are You need to keep trying to find at least 1 dr who will listen to you That will make a huge difference But I agree tell no dr you r tkg anything illegally I found plenty of Pain Mgmt Drs for yrs who would prescribe pain meds (Oxycodone, Morphine, Stadol, Methadone, Dilaudid) but after a while I would need higher & higher dosages for them to be effective, so they would switch meds & we'd start all over again I tried every test, surgery & trmt imaginable Western, Eastern & Homeopathic Nothing wkd for "me" I even went into respiratory failure & almost died similar to Heath Ledger, not from an overdose, but from a preponderance of sedating meds used over an extended period of time And the Migraine PAIN was still unrelenting! Besides hvg a family member who stuck by me, I had 1 doctor who always stuck by me so I didn't think I was losing my mind. So that is MOST impt! Find a dr you can trust! The other thing I hv found is NO 2 MIGRAINE SUFFERERS R THE SAME! Do NOT GIVE UP! My new dr believes I hv rebound headaches & for the 1st time in 15 yrs I am completely off ALL pain meds Withdrwal almost killed me & 6 mos later I am still hvg migraines But he is wkg with me, supportive & not judgmental So I am gvg it a try There are so many other meds out there now to prevent migraines One of the most successful is anti-seizure meds, Topamax (now available in generic), helps a lot of people Another is blood pressure medication, I use Propanolol (available at Walmart w/o ins for $4) So many combinations to try Don't give up, A good Neurologist will know Best wishes to you! I would not wish migraines on anyone!
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itmatsb responded:
You don't mention botox, nerve block or trigger point injections. Have you tried any of these?
kdquinton replied to itmatsb's response:
Yes, I have tried those too The only one that did much good was the nerve block that went in under my eyebrow Only one doctor would do it and she was 6 hours away and even then I would only get about a week of relief But since I was there for an appt at the time, it was worth it!

I had a bummer of a dr visit F After wkg so hard to get off pain meds to see if it was rebound headaches I still hv bad migraines after 5 months of being pain med free I even had an MRI (normal) I thought the dr would keep wkg w me w different non-opioids since I had proven my hard work to follow her directions Nope! She said to go back to Pain Mgmt I may hv to return to my 1 original dr I can trust 4 hrs away?

I am devastated!