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Cipro and MS
GraceAnne80; posted:
Hi all- Over the weekend, I developed a bladder infection, and the doctor at the Urgent Care clinic prescribed me Cipro. I just added it into my medication center and WebMD and received a warning that Cipro is not recommended or counter indicated for MS. Have any of your neurologists told you this? Any feedback is helpful! Thanks!
AL0728 responded:
Hi GraceAnne, I have never heard it, but that doesn't mean anything. I took Cipro before my MS Dx, but have not had it since. So, maybe that is why they haven't Rx'd it again, I don't know. I will ask my doc about it, but I hopefully won't be seeing him for a few months. Let me know what you find out. I didn't even know WebMD had a medication center, I am going to check that out for sure. Thanks for the info, AL
playnice01 responded:
Well, I went into my old brain book, and checked; aside from maybe causing some joint pain or stiffness, there wasn't much about it, specifically relevant to MS. I do know it interacts badly with fortified OJ, so it is best to take it on an empty stomach. So the info on WEB MD is that it is neither recommended or contra-indicated for MS. Hmmmm. Sounds like they can't make up their minds. If it were me, I would call my regular PCP and double check if Cipro or perhaps Septra would be ok. Or you could call your pharmacist (if you don't have one, pick a local store and ask to speak to the pharmacist) for more info. I have never heard anything about it not being ok for MS patients, but then again, you may be taking something else that would interact with it. check it out. Can't hurt. May help. breathe...... flapkat :grin:
arealgijoe responded:
It can also depend on the specific infection. I ahd one last eyar and the test results listed WHICH meds were and were not effective against the infection....... Just another viewport. (*&*( GOMER :goofy: :pbpt: :coolfrown:
bignona responded:
I just finished a round of Cpiro for a bladder infection. My PCP knows all about my MS & what meds I'm on. It seems to work well for me, you just have to avoid Dairy. God Bless Nona Judy
GraceAnne80; responded:
Thank you everyone for your posts! I feel much better now, but am still going to call my doctor this afternoon. I hope that this Cipro will knock out the infection, it seems like any time I see a doctor who isn't familiar with my case, they throw the most intense treatment they can find at me, as they must be scared of the MS! Who knows. Thanks again, you guys are great!
justducky65 responded:
I hope you feel better real soon !!!! Hugs Debi :smile:
kelfundy responded:
Hi, my name is kelly and the only thing that I have heard is the you can't take a certain tea in the winter and it actually says it on the back of the tea bag, box. it is one of things that you use to help boost emunity. but my stupid ms brain and not having any sleep or atleast much sleep thanks to doing my solu-medrol steroid crap at home, so i have brain fart for the last fews days. Euchanatia sounds like a possibility but not sure. look in to that one. My neurologist actually told me to stay away from the herb that i can't thik of. hope this helps again it is in the tea isle. kelli funderberg. it is nice to see so mny of the same people. i read the post every day
Newsomm1 responded:
I wish I could get rid of my bladder infection. I've had the thing for 9 weeks now and they can't seem to get it kicked. The Cipro didn't touch it then I have tried Nitrofurantoin ( on the 3rd round of that) and they even put me on Amoxil. It will not go away. Meantime, was trying to get in my steroid treatment too. This MS can really be unfriendly sometimes..... :confused: I hope the Cipro works for you the first time. Margie
Greaywolf responded:
I haven't been told this. BUT the last time they tried to give it to me (a couple of months ago when I was in the hospital) I had a SEVERE reaction to it. Felt like they were running Lava through my IV. WAY NOT fun. EJ

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