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    Mild MS
    Maltipoo posted:
    Ok, everyone.

    Is there such a thing? I don't think so, but that is what my neuro said yesterday when I got my dx. He said this is a case of mild MS. I have a good outlook.

    What is the scoop from you guys? MS is MS, mild or severe, we all have it.
    lovinlife2fullest responded:
    Yeah I agree with you, MS is MS. I think that maybe your episode was just a mild one. Thats good. How long ago where you dx? Have you only had 1 small episode? At first my Dr told me that I had a clinical isolated MS attack. So I thought ok good, maybe thats it. But as we all know you never can predict Ms, so a week later I was back at the neuro with more symptoms and he changed me to RRMS. Great! Everyone is different. I hope that yours stays mild. I am now on Rebif to help slow down the progression, its only been a month and half so I am hoping this works.
    Always14989 responded:
    Hi Maltipoo;

    Yes, we all have it, but the symptoms and progression varies widely. There is no rhyme nor reason, unfortunately. But if you are on meds or going on the meds, and taking care of your general health you are doing the best for yourself.

    Keep your chin up! I have had MS for a million years (well, 35 or so ) and was not diagnosed FOR SURE til 5 years ago. That was a slow progression, and they didn't have meds back then anyway. The future meds coming along now, and can only get better!


    Al(ways feel lucky and unlucky at the same time)
    justducky65 responded:
    Hi Maltipoo Are you starting a CRAB ms drug ??? We think I only had the one episode when i first was DX so I was dx with CIS ( clinical isolated syndrome) I was very happy at first as after that 11 week episode I was recovering nicely without symptoms left but then I started getting some spasticity and balance issues a few months later..... I didnt have another relaspe but maybe it just took a bit for the symptoms to set in........?

    I ay hae had a episode in June but not real sure.......we decided to leave it as CIS still...

    MS is such a strange disease and it can be so different for everyone.... Mine still seems very mild to what some others go through that is for sure so I will welcome the mild MS . ( I wish that was a form.... ha ha )

    best wishes Debi
    hackwriter responded:

    Up until last February, my neuros have told me the same thing--that it's "mild." I think they based it on my degree of disability and infrequent flare-ups. I have always responded to that with: "There's nothing mild about how it impacts my daily life, doc!"

    Since the latest flare-up and increased disability--and after qualifying for SSDI--I don't hear that it's "mild" anymore.

    Maltipoo responded:
    yes i start on Rebif sometime next week. A home care nurse is suppose to call me to set up an appointment to teach my husband and I injections.

    I have done alot of reading up on the CRAB drugs, i think i can start with Rebif and see how it goes.

    The neuro told me he highly recommends I begin treatment and not wait.

    hackwriter responded:

    I'd be very interested to hear how you will react to the Rebif.

    I'm now in the second month of the full dosage--and having a slew of side effects.

    swampster1952 responded:
    Hello Kim,

    What are those side effects you are having with the Rebif?

    swampster1952 responded:
    Hello D,

    Alrighty then, finally treatment begins!

    Rebif has a good track record, although some people do better with it than others. If the Rebif side effects (if you have any) are too much for you, then try one of the other ABCR drugs.

    Don't give up!

    hackwriter responded:

    On the nights I inject, I have insomnia, chills, pain, and creepy-crawlies.

    The injections themselves are extremely painful, despite icing the site prior to injecting. That acidic solution is murder. I scream through the entire injection.

    sario1952 responded:
    maltipoo--that is exactly what my neuro told me some five years ago. i whole heartily agree is ms. no matter how severe or mild it is. good luck next week with the rebif/!

    take care now---sara
    Danna0604 responded:
    Hi Maltipoo,

    20 years ago I was told that I had a "mild" case. The neuro at that time only did a brain MRI. Well, the majority of my lesions are in my spinal column. So, to him it looked like a mild case.

    Because I had very few symptoms and no relapses, I did not want the CRAB drugs when they came out. About 7 yrs ago I started feeling new symptoms (still no relapses). I went to a new neuro and she started me on Betaseron, which I am still taking.

    I am now in SPMS. It is good that you are starting the meds soon. I always wonder if I had started sooner if I would be this advanced.

    Good luck to you and if the Rebif doesn't work out for you, try one of the other disease modifying drugs. I have done fine on Betaseron.

    Take care, Danna
    arealgijoe responded:
    Mild, medium or HOT?

    Well I have multiple (a dozzen or more+) HOT spots/lesions, all in MS favored areas, but NO Dx yet???? pending MS clinic in Nov.

    I would say;

    -1- MS ya ether got it, it has you..kinda like being MILDly PG?

    -2- MILD? I was say its more like SYMPTOMS may be mild etc etc...I would think (blowin fuse or fried wire here) when they say things like mild or severe etc, they are referring to SYMPTOMS not teh disease itself.

    But that is just my jaundiced viewport on this subject.

    GOMER has MILD diabetes, on 5 insulin shots/day.
    AL0728 responded:
    I think they must tell everyone that their case is mild at first. They told me that and at my last mri in June, my neuro told me I am beginning to progress fast.

    Everyone has a different course and I don't think any doctor can predict how each case will go.

    Briandsteph responded:
    I think that everyone is right on how this disease progresses.... no one knows.

    I have had "mild" MS for the last 8 years. I feel okay most of the time with only a couple of flare ups. I have had to be switched to Copaxone because of the growth in my lesions.

    My doctor who diagnosed me was great and started me on the meds right away. I still wonder if that is what has helped me to stay "mild" for so long.

    I have also heard that after 10-15 years it starts to progress faster. Has anyone else heard that?


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