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Oh, But You Look So Good!
mbsmiley71 posted:
OK Let's see a show of hands if anyone MSers out there on web md has heard a relative, friend, or stranger say to you:


hackwriter responded:

Oh, yes, lots, it's the most common remark I've heard through the years.

It barely registers anymore; I know that people often don't know what else to say. I can't expect them to understand this disease--so I just say "Thanks, I'm glad to hear it!"

justducky65 responded:
Oh Yeah !
Terrie95 responded:
definately. I hear that quite a bit, especially if I am telling someone that I'm not feeling well because of my MS.

Always14989 responded:
Hi Ed,

I get that a lot. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, I think. I mean, I WANT to look good for my hubby, my kids, and myself but sometimes it makes it harder for people to understand just what I go through.

Sometimes friends and family look surprised when I say, "Sorry, I can't do that." They see my cane and see me being clumsy, but that is all that registers with them. I don't blame them, though. A few years ago I wouldn't have understood it either!

And my dad said to me once when I said I felt horrible: "Well, do you want people to tell you that you look horrible, too?" Haha! Leave it to my super-healthy active 83 year old dad!

By the way, no other MS in my family so far (and I''m from a huge one!) , but my maternal grandmother had Parkensis, as well. I think they are kind of "sister" neurological illnesses. I have heard of others with the same (sad) connection.

Oh well, upward and onward,


Al(ways try to do some of the stuff I used to, occasinally succeed)
behap2day2 responded:
I totally agree with Dad. Wouldn't want to hear that I look like cr@p?! Friends/family/complete strangers don't usually have a hidden agenda, I find.

gojude responded:
I heard it often when I was still working.

swampster1952 responded:
Hello all,

Yep, me too! I do as Kim does, just say thank you and move on.

Newsomm1 responded:
Yes I hear that all the time too. Most of the time I just say Thank you, I wish I felt as good as I look!

Then most folks don't know what to say to that but you know that is the way I feel.

People just don't understand and you really can't explain it to them so you move on!
sario1952 responded:
Many many times,,,Ed!!! I would be rich right now if..I had a nickel for everytime I heard that!!!!

Take care///hugs.sara
AL0728 responded:
As with the others, it is probably the most common remark I hear.

For me, it depends on who says it and how it is said. It can be said as an insult, but some people really mean it and mean no harm. Some don't know what to say.

My close friends and family usually say, "how are you feeling?", after I answer they may say, "well you look good". That is the best way to approach me about it.

dawn0204 responded:
Yep - I love it that people don't realize I'm sick. I usually just say thanks!
An_204697 responded:
All of the time. I feel like people think, I am looking for attention.
chelylynne replied to An_204697's response:
I hate it makes me feel like I'm a failure because I feel so bad. I know they mean well..but I don't look sick...why do you say you are.
mmthlvr responded:
I hear it all the time & just say thanks. Can you imagine what we might look like if our outsides looked like we felt on the inside?LOL.

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