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Neuropsyche Test
mmthlvr posted:
Hi All,

How many of you have had a Neuropsyche Test & what were the results, If you don't mind me asking. I had mind & I was deficient in word memory(don't know if that is the correct term). I was average with numbers & shapes. I don't quite understand this test What does this have to do with dx MS? I talked to several people who have been dx but never had this test.

Hugs Tammy
mssuperwoman responded:
My husband had one of these done a few years back. He doesn't have MS. His was done because he had a brain tumor as a teenager and has some mild memory issues. His came back that he lacked in the reading and comprehension area and the area that involves expression of ones self. He scored about average in the math area and problem solving. The conclusion that they came to was that the scar tissue on his brain is short circuiting it and affects the area he scored low on. The area of his brain that had the tumor is the area that controls the categories he scored low on.

I have never heard of this being a test for MS but maybe some of the more seasoned MS'ers have. Are you having congative funtion issues?
mmthlvr responded:
Hi Ashley

Yes I have congative issues. I have lesions in the area that are causing my low test scores. I'm still waiting for a dx. My next appt is in March so I'm hoping for answers then.

How is your husband doing now?

Hugs Tammy
balloonbuddy responded:
Hi Tammy,

I am new to this message board. I just happened upon it and saw your question. I have had several of the tests done. My first 2 were only 2 hours long and the last one at a different place was 4 hours long. I do have significant cognitive issues so this is why they do it. With my MS, this along with fatigue are my biggest problems.

I can't make a lot out of the report other than the fact they say my performances were much lower than previous tests. Processing and memory function along with perceptual-motor tasks. I have no clue what that is. I don't think half of the time they want you to know. Hope this helps.

mmthlvr responded:
Hi Joy,

Welcome to the board, how long ago were you dx? I've only had one 2hr test & that was enough. I'm still waiting for a dx, I see my Dr at the end of March. I've only seen him once & since my first visit I had all the test, SSEP, LP, OCT, VEP but no results. How long did it take you to get dx?

balloonbuddy responded:
Hi Tammy,

I was dx about 20 years ago and I am 52 now. I had an electric feeling starting at my neck and going all the way to my toes. I thought I had a pinched nerve. I went to my local small town doctor and he left the room and came back and said with my history he thought I had MS and needed to go to Mayo and get dx. I went there and they did a MRI and lesions showed up that told them I had MS. Many years before the electric feeling doctors thought I had a ruptured disc because I was falling all the time but that went away. I also lost my eye sight in my right eye but it came back. That didn't raise any flags because I have another disease that causes the bone to keep growing in my face and that was actually growing around the optic nerve at that time. I did have a 9 hour surgery for that but eye sight came back before the surgery. I think it was probably the MS that caused me to lose my eye sight but I really did need the surgery too because of the other disease.

If I forgot to answer any of your questions I'm sorry. If you ask any other things of me I will try to remember to check back here but sometimes I forget about things. I will try to check back.

Take care, Joy

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