Vision fading in and out......
SusieT0114 posted:
My vision fades in and out off and on through out the day but thankfully has not gone gone black and I have not lost my sight (yet). It happens in both eyes at the same time and for no apparent reason. It is like everything gets reallll fuzzy. Wearing glasses does not help this. Is this part of ON or just part of MS in general?

Rory26312 responded:
Hi Susie

Sorry to just state the obvious here but find a optimoligest as soon as possible and get this checked.

ON is is a serious symptom and needs to be treated and the earlier the better .Do not delay on this also call your neuro and let them know.

Sorry if this sounds scary but you only get one set of eyes

SusieT0114 replied to Rory26312's response:

I forgot to mention that I have told both my Opthmologist and the Neuro about this. The Opth even checked my eyes and said they were fine. I have been on Lotemax drops for over a year to keep the inflammation down from the uveitis I have had a couple of times that they believe is not MS related.

Could you explain ON to me? I have read about the symptoms and such, but hearing it first hand seems to go further.

Jack31969 responded:

I have the same problem. My left eye is really fuzzzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!! Went to see my neuro and all he did for me is order an MRI and come back on Monday. I believe I am going to lose the vision to my left eye.

Would an optomologist help or should I stick with my Neuro. I know that the blindness is temporary I hope. With the treatment with steroids how long would it take to regain my vision.
Rory26312 replied to SusieT0114's response:
Hi Susie

I personally have never had ON (touch wood) but This is the way my optho explained it to me.

The optic nerve is a perfect circle, when MS inflames the mylin on the nerve it gets out of shape more like an elipse.

What happens then depends on the severity of inflamation it can be anything from fuzzy vision to blindness (usually temporary) but that's rare and extreme.

Twitching and double vision seem to be more common.I was once told that ON symptoms are the leading cause of people going to a doctor and getting an eventual diagnosis.

Like most other things with the monster it seems we have to accept and deal as best we can. A course of steroids seems to be the only symptom treatment and I have never heard of a treatment that actually helps to prevent ON from happening.

Hope all this helps some little bit but you seem to have the right people on your side.


P.S. I would recomend that anyone with MS see a optho once a year just to have a point of reference in case of an ON attack