My hand keeps cramping....
SusieT0114 posted:
What do I do? My right hand keeps cramping. Is this normal? It is starting to scare me.
hackwriter responded:
Hi, Susie,

Yep, I've got the hand cramping, too. Muscle spasticity from nerve damage is the cause. To ease it, I spread my fingers out and push back on them with the other hand. This will keep them more limber. You don't want to let your fingers get permanently "curled" inward towards the palm.

If you do a lot of computer work, this can be a big problem. Gotta flex those fingers on a regular basis.

SusieT0114 replied to hackwriter's response:

Thank you for your reply. You have been a great help in calming my nerves and the nerves of others. It seems you and alot of others have a great deal of knowledge/experience to share.

Thank you again,

Rparnell replied to hackwriter's response:
I have similar issues with one foot in particular, of course in the middle of the night. My husband and I have developed a similar forceful-relaxation that usually works. One time it did not, I was in agony 20 minutes while my foot was twisted un-naturally inward.