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Is this a tremor?
SusieT0114 posted:
Tonight just after a warm (not hot, not cold) shower as I was drying off my left arm got a strange feeling down it were it felt like a "buzz" or a slight vibrate which kept up for several minutes and my arm, hand and fingers started to shake/twitch a little. This is a first. Is this the start of a tremor or something else?

Thanks and I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
hackwriter responded:

Shaking/twitching is a tremor. I get it in my ankle (foot bobbing up and down) and in my hands when I try to blow-dry my hair.

Just one more little surprise this disease likes to spring on us from time to time. MS, the gift that keeps on giving!

An_204723 responded:
That sounds like just one of the common symptoms of MS. It isn't a tremor, tremors are shaking, especially like when you reach for something and your hand shakes. Or just sitting still and it shakes. The buzzing is very common in MS.
judybird64 responded:
You know, I've found that my hands and even arms gets worse when I try to perform a task that would normally require holding your hand still. My husband pointed it out to me first; I didn't even feel it. I think I can also relate to that "buzzing" you speak of, Susie. I was told that is an irritated nerve, and the twitches associated with that feeling are also the result of the irritation...supposedly the tremors are more permanent. I also have started having myoclonal seizeures, or spasms, which are large jerking motions of the arms, legs, even torso. Although those are often associated with falling asleep, mine started happening all the time until I was put on 2 anticonvulsant meds. I guess all of which is me trying to say that when it comes to nerves, they can make our bodies move in lots of ways we'd prefer they not. I was told to let my neuro know if anything new starts happening, so you might want to do that if it keeps up - whatever you choose to call them!

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