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Amantadine, anyone?
farside_fan posted:
Helloooooo from East Texas!!! Long time, no post. Sorry!

Does anyone take Amantadine for fatigue issues? I'd like to know the pros and cons of the drug since I just started taking it yesterday. (100mg. twice daily) Does is work for FATIGUE?

After 14 years, I'm experiencing some MS issues that I've never had before, although I used to follow everyone's conversations from time to time. I know Amantadine has been mentioned at times but I didn't need to know any info about the drug.......until now.

This new "fatigue" thing is kicking my BUTT. Each leg feels like it weighs a hundred pounds and I find myself sitting down more and more often. My passion is working in the yard!!!

Also to go along with my fatigue is the never-ending dizziness, and it's been this way for four or five weeks now. Very annoying!

My neuro wanted me to take Amantadine for 2 weeeks to see if it would help. He didn't want to prescribe Provigil because my insurance company (BCBS) would have frowned on the cost of it (or something like that).

Can anyone shed some light for me about Amantadine or whatever you take for fatigue problems? Yes, I get plenty of sleep but I'm just worn out at work by mid-morning and I'm tired of being tired!!!

Thanks in advance for any answers, suggestions, etc. It's hot, muggy, and dry here in East Texas right now. I'm going to go outside and do a rain dance now..........and expect a MIRACLE!!!

Suzanne (formerly fire-and-rain)
shotsy66 responded:
Hi Suzanne,

I have been taking amantadine for 3 years now, I take 100mg a day and it really helps my fatigue. I naturally still get tired after doing too much but at least I stay awake all day and dont feel like I need to sleep all the time.

I would give it a try but dont forget everyone reacts differently to medicines. I tried provigil once and I was real hyper and other people do good on it.

Take care,

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