Thanks for the Welcome
Neil S Lava, MD posted:
I am excited to be involved in this MS community. I have been working with MS patients since 1984 and it has taken me many years to start to think that I understand this disease a little bit. I am always learning and find that my most rewarding educational experiences come from patients.
We should be able to have a rewarding exchange of ideas and I am looking forward to our interactions.
magickalme responded:
Dear Dr Lava,
Having a lengthy professional history of nursing/psychology, I appreciate your time and efforts to help this group sort through so many of the issues which we battle every day.

It isn't often that we have the availability to access direct contact with an MD, through a source as common as the internet. The more professionals we can pull over to the "patient" side of the equation, the better.

I find that the more research I do, the better I am able to discuss on-going issues and situations with my own MD.
Your presence here on this board is greatly appreciated, by so many of us. Just thought I would let you know we are grateful.

seekingfriends responded:
welcome aboard. I have just joined these discussions and it is nice to have a professional to tLK TO sometimes. as you know this disease is so unpredictable . I also suffer from many other medical conditions that make dealing with my mseven harder.
I look forward to talking toyou again sometime soon.Thank you for giving your time to help those with ms.