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An_204800 posted:
I am fairly new at this,being aDiabetic for 6n years now seems like everything else is coming. I recently have been to a neuro as my reg doc sent me there,dizzy, losing balance, lack of concentratuin,slow thinking, realy takes me time just to decide what number to push in the elevator and thre are only 3 we are on2. car keys,door keys, walking,showering,etc and now these damm headaches are a killer.Well they checked me out recently did my LP, they said they dont think its Parkinson's as my older doc said 2 years ago but kept me on those meds. Now on neurontin and all my other stuff,does this sound right?
hackwriter responded:

You didn't mention whether you have an MS diagnosis or have had the tests for MS. Brain and spine MRIs, an LP to check for o-bands, a physical neuro exam, and EPTs are the diagnostic tests for MS.

If your new doc has ruled out Parkinson's, is he/she trying to solve this mystery? Do you feel that your meds are not helping you? If not, then it would be worthwhile to seek out another opinion. Your symptoms do match MS, but they also match a bunch of other conditions.

We all have to be our own advocates for our health and push until we get some answers.

odtheman replied to hackwriter's response:
Well not yet they are still waiting for some test to come back. I did the head eeg? mri of head but not my back yet, The pain, tingles,just a sense of feeling differant at times is wierd. I have some other things also and trying hard on them, What else can I do to findout?

hackwriter replied to odtheman's response:
You might ask the neuro what he/she is looking for or suspects. A brain MRI can rule out stroke and tumors, too.

Do let us know your test results.

Jeffrey A Rumbaugh, MD, PhD replied to hackwriter's response:
It is impossible to make a diagnosis or suggest treatment options based on the information given. The symptoms are very nonspecific and do not point to any particular diagnosis. Although multiple sclerosis can cause cognitive dysfunction, the way in which these symptoms are described sounds unusual for MS (and Parkinson's). Severe headaches would also be unusual as a symptoms of MS or Parkinson's. As suggested by "hackwriter", you need be confident that your doctor is doing a good job of trying to sort out the possibilities, and, if not, then get a second opinion.

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