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Help! So many questions!
ronniengel76 posted:
So, was told in August that I likely have MS. Unfortunately my insurance company did not get around to approving the MRI before I lost my insurance due to job loss and a cross country move. I have insurance again and got the pre-existing clause waived, so I am about to meet a new PC doctor. I was put on Lyrica by the neuro before my move along with Midrin for the migraines, both of which I will be out of very soon.

Do I say I have been diagnosed or just suspected MS diagnosis? I had a nerve conductivity test to rule out carpal tunnel and some spinal xrays already. After the NCT, the neuro that did that mentioned MS right away, then my 2nd opinion neuro said the same thing. She also said it was a small possibility of a slipped disc, but she thought that was a long shot, thus she started treating me as an MS patient.

My symptoms include: urinary issues; pain/tingling/numbness of limbs--mainly right arm and leg; fatigue; visual auras and other optical issues; weakness in limbs; slurred speech; vertigo; balance issues. I am 34 years old.
Velster responded:
I was diagnosed with MS in Feb of 2008, it tokk a preety good while for the Dr to finally diagnose me with it, Once they did, I had a pretty bad relapse that kept me in the hospital for 5 weeks.

The MRI and a Lumbar puncture is going to key to diangnosing the MS for sure. If you have the ability to have those done, I would definitely recommend it. It is the only way to tell for sure. Then start treatment as soon as they know for sure.

Those are all the sames symptoms I had, the exact ones.
ronniengel76 replied to Velster's response:
Thanks--I am dreading the cost of the MRI and Lumber -- my new insurance, is more expensive and covers less---UGH! So, I may not be able to afford the tests.
Velster replied to ronniengel76's response:
Yes, I understand that. That exactly what I went through once I was diagnosed. I was laid off and could afford to have the treatment and or insurance and pushed myself into a small relapse. The good news is there are programs out there that will assit you.
ronniengel76 replied to Velster's response:
I found a site that I can apply for a grant for the MRI, so I will be getting my ducks in a row to submit that! Thanks for the heads up about programs, I would have never know those existed without your post! Thanks again! ~~~ Ronni
ronniengel76 replied to Velster's response:
MRI was last week. Got some preliminary results from my primary care doctor last night (yes--she called me on the weekend to give me results--amazing!). MRI showed several lesions, and other abnormalities that she said my neuro can go over with me at my appointment today. At least I know that my symptoms aren't 'just in my head'....LOL!
beckym2005 replied to ronniengel76's response:
As scary as it is to hear MS.. it IS nice to know you are not crazy, a hypocondriac, lazy (summer heat drains me quick). it's still an adjustement but it is nice to have a dx so you can move on with getting treatment. Let your Dr know that money is a factor - many od the drug co's will help with the co-pays.

Take care,

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