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Thinking about Tysabri-
Lovett24 posted:
I was diagnosed with MS a year ago, and since then, I have had 4 flare-ups, Bell's Palsy, pneumonia, and fallen and broken my ankle in two places. I do take Copaxone daily, but I am wondering if it is working with all of the problems I am having. I am thinking of getting a second opinion and considering Tysabri. Any insight?
kshah0512 responded:
hey Lovett24 sorry to hear about your complications. I was diagnosed 11 yrs ago and have been on Copaxone since diag. I have had pneumonia 3 times and I fell 2 yrs ago and broke my leg and ankle. Copaxone has worked great for me even with some flair-ups. You have to remember this is an autoimmune disease which means you will be more susceptible to illness. Prior to breaking my leg, I would fall off my foot quite often which is how I broke it. Do you have an issues with balance or coordination? Personally I will not stop using the Copaxone. I have very few side effects and the flair-ups are minor compared to what they were before.

I hope this helps.
Neil S Lava, MD responded:
Patients with multiple sclerosis have varied types of symptoms and symptom frequency. As a neurologist, I always want to make sure that the medication I gave my patients is most effectively quieting down the immune system.

You should talk with her neurologist about the fact that you've had 4 exacerbations in a year while on Copaxone. Depending on your previous disease activity this may be good control or not. A repeat MRI also may be helpful to see how active the immune system is at this time.