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Neg Spinal but...
apach posted:
Can a person have a neg. spinal tap but still have lesions on their spine?
I was just wondering cause my spinal came back neg. I do have MS (MRI) but I really wanted to see if there are lesions on my spine cause my back hurts and I have so many other problems feet, leg, bladder....

I wanted to know if I should ask for a MRI of my spine....

Thanks so much.
hackwriter responded:

The short answer is yes, you can have a negative LP for o-bands and have lesions present in brain and/or spine. This partial fulfillment of the McDonald criteria can lead a neurologist to dx Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) and start therapy before all criteria are met for an MS diagnosis.

Your symptoms can certainly be caused by spine lesions--but how did you get an MS dx without first getting a complete set of MRIs? You make it sound as though you haven't ever had a spine MRI.

Can you share a little more info about the circumstances of your diagnosis?

apach replied to hackwriter's response:
Kim I believe it was with the MRI and all the other stuff that was going on with me.
It appeared as if I was having big strokes but turned out to be MS.
I did have a spinal tap but not an MRI of my spine.
I do really want one done but without insurance right now I can't get it done. But before I lost my insurance my doctor had said that he was going to do it.

kshah0512 replied to apach's response:

I also was diag with TIA (mini strokes) 29 yrs ago, finally diag with MS 11 yrs ago. I was on beta blockers for yrs for the TIA. My diag of MS consisted of MRI head & spine with and without contrast and the spinal tap. Although I did have the bands my MRI showed a huge lesion on my spine. I had been having MRI for many yrs due to the TIA and migraines. I had lesions 10 yrs prior to MS diag. which the drs said was scar tissue from migraines. I would definately get the MRI of the spine. You could check with the MS Society to find help with the cost. Are you on any MS meds?

apach replied to kshah0512's response:
I take Copaxone daily and SOl. when needed, although right now I don't have insurance so the SOL is on hold. I do get the Copaxone is free through a program I've very Thankful for that.

I'll look into the help with having an MRI done of my spine. Thanks so much Karen.
sicofit replied to apach's response:
I am waiting to hear if I get the copaxine for free. I was diagnosed in late summer. The ms society told me they would help with one mri a year, but I d.on't know if that would include your spine.
apach replied to sicofit's response:
I'll have to check into that. Thanks for letting me know about it.

My eye doctor appt yesterday gave such validation and he's going to call my Neuro as well as send him a report. He said whenever I start to have ON I should be on Steroids.

He also said there is very very little damage to the nerve but over time he believes that'll be different because of how many times I've already had ON.

Because I've had so many doctors for so many years never being sure or telling me one things and then another until last year being DX with MS I would like to know if anyone else whose been to the eye Dr. has heard this same thing???

Thanks and GOD Bless

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