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Early MS symptoms???
audumsmom posted:
Any suggestions are welcomed! Since last Summer, I have transient numbness on the left side of my face. Was just localized to the bridge of my nose then has progressed to the left side of my face, jaw and chin. Along with that, I have developed numbness and burning sensation in my left arm. I can have the above symptoms together or by themselves. Heat makes it worse. Stress makes it worse. I have lost 20 pounds the past year, which I like, but I am extremely tired. Thinking through the past few years, I have had other weird symptoms, like stabbing pains in my legs, vibrating sensations in my thighs, joint pain and tired, burning, dry eyes.
I finally had an MRI two months ago. Was negative, but wasn't with contrast. Saw Neurologist who called this a "cranial neuritis" but was dead one when he told me I had rosacea. Then he explained his Rosacea treatment he uses. Geez. My PCP thinks I need a second opinion and a LP, or spinal tap. Not sure where to go from here.
Jeffrey A Rumbaugh, MD, PhD responded:
You should follow the advice of your doctors. A second opinion is usually a good thing, because the more minds you have working on a problem, the more likely someone is to come up with the answer. While no one test can rule in or rule out multiple sclerosis, a spinal tap can often provide very useful information, which when put together with the patient's history and other tests, can significantly raise or lower the possibility of MS.
tigerbait1 responded:
I believe you need an second opinoin also. Sounds like MS to me. They say the only way to tell is through an MRI but a spinal tap will tell all also. (not as painful as you may think). I wish you well and good luck!

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