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Does Chronic Illness Affect Your Mood?
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Our Pulse blog is talking about how Chronic Illness may affect our moods. Do you think there are times, when your mood is effected?

Read our Pulse Blog and weigh in on how your illness affects your moods.
LadeeEmpress responded:
Absolutely my mood is effected. I would say when my illness limits my ability to do the things that I want to do.
ronniengel76 responded:
I really try to not let it, but there are times that it certainly does. Especially since MS is a neurological disorder, I am sure that part of it is beyond control. Focusing on my faith, my family and what I can do helps to keep me from getting really depressed or down.
girlgeorg3 responded:
It surely can---especially if we get Older, and retain some 'Residual Damage' from our MS Attacts/Exacerbations--such as my Weaker Left Leg, an legally Blind Right Eye!!!

Emma---especially with Major Depression, Sprinkled throughtout my Relatives/Family, I have had toreally lookseriously, into this Issue...
Now, New Studies may have Different Evience, but what stands out to me Mot, was one saying that MS depression is atthe top of the List. out od ALL The Neurologic Disorders----even Exceeding that seen in Parkinsons, and also ALS, Patients........I KNOW-Can You Imagine??!

And, further it is mainly seen in My 'Catagory'---The Ambulatory (Using a Cane, only Sometimes...) of The MS Poputlation.......The Wheelchair Bound Patients have slighly Less Depression.....

Is this because The Other Group Intermittenly Goes From Being Able to 'Do So Much", to 'can Barely Do What They Want/Need for Themselves......I have to wonder.....

But, in any event, I believe that ALL MS Patients need to use Anti-Depressents---sometimes, if not ALWAYS!!!

The Same Study cited 'Suicide', as "The 2nd Leading Cause of Death', for the Ambulatory MS Group-----Yikes!!!

Dealing with all the Changes all the time, canmakeYou weary, until You come to how you night get a somewhat 'Balanced Life' in order--

--mine continously Shifts, so I am on 3 Anti-Depressent, because of thisMS............which started up , for m,e @ age 19---------I'll be 48 in June...

P.S.Long ago, back In the 'Dark Ages', People with MS were vastly Misundersttod-----so many were Housed in Asylums---Double 'Yikes'!!!!

In Conclusion, MS is Extremely Difficult to Endure-----EVERY ONE Of YOU MUST 'PAT YOUESELVES ON THE BACK' FOR EXHIBITING/MAINTAINING ,simply put: "Courage" !!!!!!!!

If You can Maintain a somewhat Normal Life, out there, Folks, then I say "YOU Rock"--------------------------and Please stick around, 'cuz WE ALL NEED YOU, to 'Rock On'....!!

Many Blessings,

girlgeorg3 replied to LadeeEmpress's response:
Right On, LE !!

Because of MS, we sometimes Must Change PLANS-----and, at Worst,'Lose Choices'

But, I am convinced God has a Better Plan, for me to follow, than I can ever Scheme/Dream up-ya know?

Many Blessings to you, Empress---

girlgeorg3 replied to ronniengel76's response:
I am so pleased when I Hear of a helpful Family-----mine is Not!....But, i have Heard: "They cannot 'Give' what they don't have"..........!

God has been my Rock---and I am here to do 'His Will"......And, I Love to Hear that You 'Keep the Faith' in Focus----Awesome!

We SHALL Ovrcome, my Friend---

Many Blessings to You,----!!


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