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Vision issues
keckaroo posted:

I have had MS for 11 yrs now. It started with optical neuritis. Lately I have noticed my vision has gotten much worse. The problem I am having and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, is that if light gets in my right eye only, be it sunlight or a headlight behind me, I have a blindspot in my eye for quite a while. You know if you look at a flashlight directly it will fade your vision for a bit...not sure if this makes sense. It is really annoying as it takes a good 30 minutes or more to fade out to where I can see normal again....any ideas?
beckym2005 responded:
I just had my eye appt today for my yearly checkup for eyeglasses. ITs my first "normal" eye appt since my first episode of optic neuritis. I too have times where my vison does some wierd thigs - similar to yours or sometimes they just seem a little off or blurry. I start to worry if it's MS or not or if it's a temp issue, do i need to call the DR or what? My eye dr recommended that i find a red object - stare at it with my good eye with the other covered then switch - if the color intensity is noticably dimmed, it's due to the nerve - and it's probably time to call the dr. I would still mention the problems to the eye dr but if it does not last more than 24 hours i would not worry too much. But again - this is only from my exp and I am not a dr :) no matter how much Grays Anatomy I watch.

roberlyn responded:
hi there. i get that too, although it doesn't often take 30 minutes to go away. but it's definitely way longer than normal. i also think i'm seeing light differently in one eye than the other, which makes seeing in bright sunlight difficult sometimes. it's totally annoying. i wish i had a solution for you!

roberlyn replied to beckym2005's response:
becky, i like your response but i have something to add -- if you already have permanent damage from ON in one eye or the other from a previous episode, the red object trick won't work. i wish i had known it before my first and second episodes! maybe i would have called the doc sooner.


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